Reduced Business Hours & Offerings


First off, the shop is not “closing”! So breathe! 🙃 We are however going to be “reducing hours” if you will. The release tonight will be our last collection drop until (at least) the new year. We will, in addition, be closing custom orders on November 21st. A season of rest and “less” is needed and though this isn’t the easiest decision, I do know it is the right one for now.

That’s the short version, the long version is:

It’s been a rough year personally, professionally and on all small businesses. Lately the burn out is real and I feel God telling me to trust Him and scale back. My family is my first priority and lately I don’t feel like I am reflecting that as I want to and as God is calling me to. We will continue shipping orders from the site and continue to stock our booth at Painted Tree with fun things, but after a lot of thought, prayer and talking it through I will be scaling back some until at least the beginning of 2023, including condensing what is offered on the site.

I want to say thank you to those who have encouraged me personally and encouraged the shop. I appreciate and treasure your sweet words more than I can say. I am choosing to go into this next season with blind faith that God is moving me in a different, but better direction and when we “come back” full force, it just may look a little different than before. I truly hope you stick around to see whatever is next and continue to shop online & locally. 💕🤟🏼 I will stay active here, but only as I feel peace about it so there may be more life-content than sales-content but I do enjoy the outlet this corner of the internet can provide. (I also love that delete button though, so no rude comments y’all)

Love you, mean it. 🤟🏼 Now go shop the last release of 2022!

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