How To: Style Your Clothed In Strength Tees

You got your Clothed In Strength tee in the what? Well, you can definitely throw it on with some leggings and call it a day because let's face it- leggings are pants, especially during 2020. But if you're looking for a little more "umph" in your outfit, I put together a few ways to style your CIS tees for the times you get to venture out into the world.

First, I want to say "thank you". Customers like you have allowed me to combine three of my favorite things (Jesus + fashion + creating) into something that actually provides a substantial income for my family. I am so grateful to you and to God for allowing this. With what started as two color t-shirts and some vinyl, I have gotten a front row seat into how God can transform a tiny dream into a bigger dream and into reality. There is so much coming for Clothed In Strength in the next few months, and I truly hope you stick around to share it with us. 

But for now, let's style! **Also, I am 100% not knocking the tee and leggings look... it is my go-to. So is the sweatpants and tee look. (Motherhood has lowered my standards. So has Quarantine. Do we even put on bras anymore? I don't even know.)

High-Rise, Distressed Jeans

Okay, these jeans are my absolute FAVORITE. When I wear them, I get either tons of compliments or folks on the older end of the age spectrum like to let me know there's holes in my pants, to which I reply "good thing I only paid for the fabric used!" because friends... these pants were $4. YES... FOUR DOLLARS at a local thrift store. They are soft, comfortable, high-rise and freaking awesome all-around. You will often see these in my Instastories or posts because I wear them all the time. I like to tuck in my tees to these, then loosen them up a little. Pair with sneaks, sandals or even a fancier wedge and you're ready for anything. 

Flowy Pants

Are "flowy pants" the actual name for these? I don't know, but I love them. Obviously, flowy pants come in many different varieties, but this look is simple and perfect for those days where you need to look decent, but wish you were in pajamas. A front-tuck or a knot is the perfect finishing touch to this look.

Bike Shorts & Jean Jacket

Truth time: the bike shorts look had to grow on me. I originally bought them to wear under my dresses/skirts because I have a reoccurring issue where the wind likes to reveal things I'd rather keep disclosed. But then I started wearing them to work out in (okay... stretch to Blogilates, whatever) and then realized they're actually kind of cute. I have two pairs now and they have been a go-to on these hot, Texas summer days. Here, I paired one of our best-selling tees with some plain black ones and a jean jacket to boot. I like to size up when wearing my tees with bike shorts, but that's because I have a long torso and want the tee to cover my assets. Totally your preference, though. 

Tip: everyone needs a good jean jacket. I got mine at Target years ago, but they're everywhere. Find a local shop/boutique and grab yours. It is a staple in any closet. 

Dress It Up

A good skirt instantly elevates your look from tee and leggings running errands to Girl's Night Out or a casual date night. You can also achieve this look by layering your Clothed In Strength tee over a dress and giving it a little front knot. This will make it look like a high-rise skirt and everyone will be oohing and ahing over your look. 

Pair some wedges for your night out, or some cute flats/sandals for a day look!

These are just a few of my favorite Summer looks when styling our tees. Think we should come back in a couple of months with some Fall looks?! 

Let us know! And tell us- how do you style your tees from Clothed In Strength? Be sure to use #CISStyle to be featured!

Featured tee: The Erin *Use code IG15 to get it 15% off! 

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