Let Love Lead Campaign

Let Love Lead Campaign

Yesterday we announced that we are releasing our first ever product boxes. This is something I have thought of doing from time to time, but it never seemed right. Until one day I was praying about a decision and God whispered "let love lead". I thought of how so much of the world right now is run by fear and hate and I felt heavy, but I know change starts with us, as children of God. We are meant to be the light of the world, and the world truly needs that now more than ever. 

What does it mean to let LOVE lead?

So what do we mean when we say "let love lead" and what do these products have to do with it? Well, I think they spread the message for one, but the journal gives you a place to write down whatever God is teaching you as you follow the Holy Spirit in your every day lives. And the beautiful journaling stickers from Erin at Small Town Grace are the perfect addition to it. We wanted to add the clay earrings from Kate at Abundant Life in there as well, and figured if they aren't your style, they would make a great gift for someone and can be one of the ways you let love lead...

Let love lead your every day life.
Let love lead your reactions and responses.
Let love lead the lost to Jesus.
Let love lead straight to the cross. 

The Making

These boxes were a thought nearly six months ago, and me being the impatient person I am wanted to figure it out right away, but God made it clear it wasn't the time while also confirming it will happen soon. I knew I wanted it to be more than a product box but rather something that would begin a movement in our society today. So I continued to pray on it, and in collaboration with two other amazing small shop owners, we are able to bring you this box at what we think is perfect timing.  

Let's break down what's in the box: You'll get a t-shirt with a BOLD message to let love lead, an adjustable dainty cuff that is hand-stamped with the message, as well as a blank journal with journaling stickers from Small Town Grace (find her on Instagram at @smalltowngrace) and handmade clay stud earrings from Abundant Life, Co (@abundantlifeco). 

Along with these, you will receive a letter from me and four postcards that share the message of Jesus for you to hand out when you let love lead. 

How can you let love lead?

I think God gives us plenty of chances to let love lead in our every day lives. Simple ways like responding with grace when we really are angry or hurt, or bigger things like buying food for the table next to us, or gifting something to someone in need. If you're out eating dinner and you feel the Holy Spirit move you to leave a significantly bigger tip than you normally do, leave one of the cards with it so the person knows where their hope lies... you could change their whole day, or their life. 

I also know that God gives us each spiritual gifts and wants us to use those to further His kingdom. These boxes aren't just meant to start a conversation about Jesus, but instead a way you can actually show  and share Him with those around us. Get a box for you and start spreading the message or gift one to someone else... either way it's the start of a ripple effect to allow the Holy Spirit in to your every day life and open our eyes to the needs of others around us. 

I don't know who will be effected by these boxes, but I do pray they and the love behind them reach those who need it the most.

Let Love Lead boxes release Thursday March 11th (my wedding anniversary!) at Noon CST. These will have FREE shipping and are available for a limited time. We would love if you shared the ways you let love lead or how these boxes effect you, so follow us on Instagram @clothedinstrengthetc if you don't already!

Praying always,
*These are not a subscription box. This is a one-time purchase. You are able to use discount codes on this product as well. 
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